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1.) In which I make my appearance!

This journal is friends-only; comment if you'd like me to add you.

This is pretty much a fandom (mostly Fire Emblem) related journal that I'll be using to rant and rave about 'fics, authors, reviewers, et cetera. Enter at your own risk!
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Ho ho ho.

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Fire Emblem content, huh?

This is mark_asphodel from LJ btw. I don't even have an icon uploaded yet, but this really is me.

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Heh. That's OK. We all need to vent.

My DW is going to be more about music and Detroit life and things like that, unless LJ gets heavy-fisted and I need to flee. But I have a spare code to deploy then if I need it.
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[personal profile] sugarshock 2010-10-10 12:49 pm (UTC)(link)'s Clair from LJ. Add me, please? =)
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Hi. Me again...

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Y HALLO THAR? 8D Why haven't I friended this yet?